B A R O K K O ✦ J E W E L S is an original collection of handmade jewelry. All the pieces are unique or limited editions.

Carefully sourcing quality materials and collecting distinctive pieces during global expeditions, I am pleased to offer unique collections in various materials and price ranges, just as I am happy to create special orders for clients with more specific requests.

Meticulously crafting each piece as a one-of-a-kind keepsake, I strive to create jewelry that is modern, meaningful, memorable.  

The use of crosses, and lockets are certainly empowered with a special sacred symbolism that is complemented by more organic, natural elements like coral and semi-precious stones to form singularly stylish pieces.

Artist by passion, and the daughter of two jewelers, I derive inspiration from art, nature, fashion, and folklore.  

I began making jewelry for myself and, after mounting requests, I was soon creating one-off pieces for an ever-expanding circle of family and friends.  My atelier is located nearby Geneva.

 B A R O K K O ✦ J E W E L S can be purchased online, during special events & exhibitions.